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Sports Team/Club Services


Our therapists at Ultimate Physio all come from a strong sporting background, having both competed and provided Physiotherapy at all levels from amateur to professional. As a result of this we understand the needs of a team when it comes to medical treatment both during and after competition:


  • Pitch Side Physiotherapy: During a match, be it football/rugby/cricket, is when athletes are performing at their highest intensity, and as a result have a higher injury risk. Direct treatment/diagnosis of an injury at the time of occurrence can greatly reduce overall rehab time, as well as prevent any further deterioration of injury. At Ultimate Physio we can offer you a Physiotherapist to provide both pre and post match assistance as well as direct pitch side cover depending on your clubs individual needs. All therapists come with a fully stocked medical bag meaning overall costs for your club are kept to a minimum.
  • Rehab Clinics: In between competition is where finely tuned athletes hone their fitness and skills! (Or go from work to training and then to the pub!) But training sessions are very important, both for progression in your particular field and for rehabilitation of injuries. No one likes to miss an important game or run, so Physiotherapy treatment can be crucial in reducing your time out injured. At Ultimate Physio we can provide your club with a Physiotherapist to attend your training sessions and provide rehab services to meet your clubs specific needs.
  • Discount Team Rates: A season in sport can be very long and taxing, both on the players themselves and in terms of costs to the clubs, particularly lower level teams who rely on their members fees to sustain themselves. because of this at Ultimate Physio we are happy to offer discounted treatment rates to any sports clubs/teams who would like to exclusively send their players to our clinics for Physiotherapy. Please contact us for further details.


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